Gran Canaria Water Park


The year round great climate of Gran Canaria makes it ideal for having fun at a water park. Even in the middle of the British winter, the weather here is often better than the best days of the British summer time!

So while you recharge your batteries and relax with a drink in hand and the sun beating down, you’ll need to find a way to entertain the kids. And what better way than visiting a water park, where you’ll know they’re safe and watched by life guards and you’ve got access to all the refreshments you’ll need. Or, of course, you could join the kids on the slides, after all we never really grow up do we?

Aqualand Maspalomas

The biggest water park on Gran Canaria is Aqualand Maspalomas, and it’s simply gigantic in size. There’s enough here to entertain the whole family, from the littlest toddlers to the oldest adult. With a total of 33 slides and 13 other fun attractions, many families choose to spend several days (or even their whole holidays) here.

Rides include the Congo River, Kamikaze, Twister, Crazy Race and Twister. There’s also a mini-park called Polynesia and a mini-golf course. If you want to do some family bonding where here there’s nothing better than the Mamut four-person raft ride, closely followed by the Adrenalina double rubber-ring ride. For those who are particularly brave there’s also a floating ring ride which contains a vertical drop!

As well as slides, the facilities here are outstanding. From coffee bars to a pizzeria, from shops to a restaurant, from changing rooms to extensive gardens, there’s enough here for the adults as well as the kids.

It’s open 10am to 5pm daily year round, except on particularly bad weather days. You’ll find it on the road to Palmitos Park near Maspalomas. You can book tickets here.

More Water Park Fun

Aqualand isn’t the only water park on Gran Canaria, although it is by far the biggest. There’s also Atlantida which is close to the Puerto Rico shopping centre. It’s claim to fame is it has the longest and fastest of all the slides on the island making it great for teenagers, but the standard 1.2 metre height restriction means there’s only 4 slides for those under this height.

The smallest water park on the island is Ocean Park. It is however of the highest quality and contains 24 slides and a wave pool (among several others), as well as restaurants, snack bars and gift shops.